UniBs and Arriva SIA - Arriva Italia - Brescia
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A new offer for students

The agreement provides for the granting of annual season tickets at a discounted price. Up to 1000 students from the Brescia University will benefit from the agreement 60 thousand euros, to which must be added a minimum amount of 20 thousand euros made available by Arriva SIA

With the aim of promoting the implementation of concrete initiatives dedicated to sustainable mobility, the University of Brescia signs the first convention for mobility with Arriva SIA – the Brescia-based company of the Arriva group that operates in the sector of extra-urban and urban public transport. suburban dedicated to students of the University of Brescia.

Overall, for the 2019-2020 academic year, the University of Brescia makes available 60 thousand euros to which must be added a minimum amount of 20 thousand euros allocated by Arriva SIA which may possibly be increased in order to expand up to a maximum of 1000 students the audience of potential users of discounted season tickets.

The agreement provides for the provision of annual subscriptions of suburban scheduled services at a discounted price to students enrolled and attending UniBs study courses in the academic year 2019-2020, in order to encourage the use of public transport services for travel related to study and university attendance. The season tickets will be issued with a reduction of € 100 on the price of the full tariff in force for the respective tariff class and a saving of 20-25%, until all the resources made available by the University of Brescia and Arriva- are exhausted. SIA, which will also bear the costs for issuing the Moveme Travelcard card.

The season tickets will be integrated and will allow you to make an unlimited number of trips on the chosen route, from the place of departure served by the extra-urban lines, managed by Arriva-SIA, to the city of Brescia with its urban bus and metro line services. It will be possible to obtain the ticket from September by forwarding the request through the appropriate form, made available on http://www.arriva.it/, at the ticket offices of the bus stations or directly at the Commercial Office of Arriva BE in via Cassala 11 in Brescia.

We are happy to participate in this project which is an important novelty that involves us in promoting the use of TPL services by the numerous students of the University who move from the province to reach the city – declares Luca Delbarba, CEO of Be -. It is a way to be even closer to the territory on which we operate and to bring the city closer, meeting a need and the real needs of those who have to move to attend study courses.