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Travel Tickets

Arriva Italia travel tickets can be purchased at ticket offices and authorized resellers; the list is available at this link.

Travel tickets can also be purchased through the Arriva MyPay app. Download it now:

Travel tickets subject to validation (single journey, weekly passes) must be validated as soon as you get on board; in case of malfunction of the validator, the traveler is required to immediately notify the driver by presenting the travel document at the same time.

Weekly and monthly passes are valid only if combined with a personal identification card, the number and week / month of validity of which must be shown on the subscription by the resale.

The monthly pass is NOT subject to validation and must always be accompanied and shown together with a valid personal identification card.
The weekly pass must be validated on the first trip and must always be accompanied and shown together with a valid personal identification card.

Travelers in possession of season tickets or Regional Transport Cards issued by the Regions or documents of free circulation, upon boarding the bus, must show the driver the travel document.

Travelers are required to show the travel document at each check carried out by the staff. If you are not in possession of the document or if the latter is irregular, you will be fined a  penalty determined in accordance with the current provisions of the law.

This sanction is also applied in the event that the passenger is unable to show, at the same time as the season ticket, their identification card and / or when the card number has not been, as expected, reported in the season ticket.

The company reserves the right to take any legal action against travelers in possession of altered or inauthentic travel documents.

For more information visit the sanctions page at this link.

Travelers with IVOP/IVOL Cards must keep the receipt (or photocopy) of the receipt or refill made, for possible visual checks.

All tickets fulfill the function of a tax receipt and therefore must be kept intact throughout the duration of the trip, at the disembarkation and in the immediate vicinity, in order to allow for any possible tax checks by the assessing bodies. Such checks may be carried out either on board the vehicle or in the immediate vicinity of the stop locations.

Travellers who have purchased a ticket on board with an EMV system (contactless VISA, Mastercard or Maestro card and smartphone with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay) can download the payment receipt by registering on the dedicated portal, uploading the credit card used to travel.

If the traveller has paid with a virtual card on a smartphone or smartwatch, it is necessary to upload the number (PAN) of the virtual credit card, not the number of the physical one.
If you do not have this number, you can obtain it by contacting your bank.

Travel tickets

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