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Sirmione Shuttle Bus

Reach Sirmione city center and its peninsula every 20 minutes!

The Shuttle Bus service is running for the whole tourist season, until September 29th.

The service runs every day from 10.00 am to 12.40 am


Single journey fare (valid for one journey after validation): 2,00€

Buy your ticket:

  • directly on the bus, by tapping your credit card on the green validators available on board*

Alternatively, tickets can be purchased also:

  • on Arriva MyPay app, in Brescia -> Ticket office -> Fixed-fare tickets -> Servizi speciali -> Biglietto navetta urbano Sirmione
  • at the ticket vending machines available at stops n° 1, 2, 10 (pre-validated ticket) and 4 (ticket with QRCode validation)
  • at Arriva resellers
  • on board with the right amount (a surcharge of 0,50€ applies)

*not avaliable on services classified as LN026 in Shuttle Bus service

If you’re arriving from Milan, Treviglio, Romano, Chiari or Rovato by train, get off in Desenzano station and you’ll find the LN026 bus line to Sirmione, Verona!

When the Shuttle Bus is not running, the LN026 line goes on to Sirmione city center calling at the stops of the Shuttle Bus (attention: on these services the ticket payment by contactless card is not available)

When the Shuttle Bus is running, the LN026 line stops in Sirmione (piazza Campiello) n°1 stop:

  • passengers headed to Sirmione city center continue their journey from Sirmione (piazza Campiello) n°1 stop with the Shuttle Bus
  • passengers departing from Sirmione city center and headed to the destinations on the LN026 line, depart with the Shuttle Bus and transfer to the LN026 bus in Sirmione (Colombare, via Roma) n° 10 stop

LN026 & ShuttleBus Sirmione
Skip the queues: buy your ticket from the Arriva MyPay app!
Passengers arriving/departing for out-of-town destinations can use the Sirmione ShuttleBus with the appropriately validated suburban ticket, without additional tickets payment.


Travel Contactless!

Simple, Fast and Intuitive!

Purchase the tickets to travel on the Sirmione Shuttle Bus directly on board, for 2,00€, with your VISA, Mastercard or Maestro contactless card!

You will also be able to pay with your smartphone through Google Pay, Apple Pay e Samsung Pay

By tapping the card a second time it is also possible to buy the tickets for further passenger(s) travelling with you!

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If the card is not accepted, it is necessary to check with your bank whether it is authorized for payment; in any case, it is necessary to purchase a ticket in another way. It is possible to purchase travel tickets for the shuttle at resellers and on the Arriva MyPay app.

If the credit on the card is insufficient, or if the card has been blocked, has expired or deteriorated, the system records an invalid payment and, consequently, does not allow any subsequent use of the service with the same card. To unlock it, you need to register on the travelers portal and carry out the unlocking procedure; if there is sufficient credit available for the balance of previous purchases, it will be possible to use the card again to travel.

Yes, you can use your card to purchase tickets for several people:

  • By “tapping” the same card several times and within 5 minutes of the first tap, additional passengers can be added to the same card;
  • With each tap, the validator will display the message “Card accepted. Have a good trip”;
  • After the first 5 minutes, the antipassback mode is activated. With each tap, the validator will display the “card already validated” message on the screen.

In the event of a check by Arriva staff, the passenger must provide the last 4 digits of their physical credit card or the virtual one associated with their smartphone.
In the second case, based on the payment app used, the customer sees the following wording within the app itself:

  • “Virtual Account Number” for Google Pay
  • “Device ID number” for Apple Pay
  • “Digital card number” for Samsung Pay.

The data provided is used exclusively to verify the payment and the validity of the purchases made and is not memorized in any way by the devices used for checks.

In case the green validators on board are out of service, it is necessary to purchase a ticket in another way: it is possible to purchase travel tickets for the shuttle on the Arriva MyPay app, activating them by scanning the qrcode on board.

Where can I download my payment receipt?

To download the payment receipt, you must register on the dedicated portal, load the credit card used for travel and access the personal area.

I am trying to register my credit card to download the receipt but the portal does not recognize it. What can I do?

If you paid with a virtualized card on your smartphone or smartwatch, you need to load the virtual credit card number (PAN), not the physical one.
If you do not have this number, you can obtain it by contacting your bank.

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