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Travel Tickets

One-Way Ticket

The single journey ticket allows you to make only one journey on the route corresponding to the fare class provided. The Ticket must be validated at the time of use on board the bus and kept for the entire duration of the trip.

The user in possession of a single ticket is not allowed any travel interruption, except in cases where it is necessary to change bus or line to complete the chosen route.

The integrated travel tickets of the “extra” series represent the extension of the extra-urban + urban fare integration to all types of travel tickets in force.

Extra-urban travel tickets, sold for routes with origin or destination Brescia, are exclusively of the integrated type and allow you to travel on board the suburban bus for the chosen route as well as to use all urban area services, including the metro.

The “extra” travel tickets, as regards their validity and the methods of use and validation, generally follow what is indicated for the corresponding ordinary travel tickets, which continue to be marketed only for traffic relations which have no destination or origin in Brescia.

Other tickets

The cumulative ticket is issued, on request, exclusively for groups or groups if they reach a minimum number of 20 people.
The price of this ticket is calculated according to the fare class corresponding to the chosen route and the number of people, applying a maximum discount of 10% to the total amount.

Attention: requests, in order to be managed, must be received with at least 5 working days’ notice.

The OneDay ticket is a day ticket that costs € 7.00.

The holder of the Oneday ticket is allowed to use all suburban transport services in the Province of Brescia on the day of validity. In particular, it is possible to reach Desenzano / Sirmione / Peschiera (Arriva), Lazise / Bardolino / Garda (ATV Verona).

Tickets can be purchased at authorized resellers or via the Arriva my Pay App.

Elnòs shuttle
The ticket allows you to make a single journey from Brescia station to the shopping center and to the IKEA store (and vice versa). The Ticket must be validated at the time of use on board the bus and kept for the entire duration of the trip.
The ticket can be purchased:

  • at the ticket office of Brescia station (€ 1.00);
  • directly on board the bus (return tickets only for € 2.00);
  • at the Information Office of the Shopping Center (€ 1.00);
    through the “Arriva MyPay” APP (€ 1.00).

Tiare shuttle
The ticket allows you to make only one journey. The Ticket must be validated at the time of use on board the bus and kept for the entire duration of the trip.
The ticket can be purchased:

  • through the “Arriva MyPay” APP (€ 2.00).

Each traveler, in possession of a travel document, can bring a small pet with him provided that a device has been applied to make it harmless (muzzle, leash, cages, boxes, etc.). The transport of animals accompanied by the purchase of a single ticket A (small size up to 50km); a single ticket B (small size over 50km); a single ticket C (large size up to 50km); a single E ticket (large size over 50km). Guide dogs for the blind are allowed to travel for free unless the blind person is assisted by a companion who has the right to travel for free.

Each traveler can carry only one piece of baggage for free as long as the dimensions do not exceed cm. 50x30x25; a single fare A ticket (up to 50km) or a single fare C ticket (over 50km) must be purchased for any additional baggage and for those exceeding the aforementioned dimensions.

The transport of electric and non-electric scooters and bicycles is allowed under the following conditions:

  • the vehicle must be loaded folded and must have a size not exceeding 80x110x40 cm.
  • it is necessary to purchase the relevant ticket at the rate in force: a single ticket for rate A (up to 50km) or a single ticket for rate C (over 50km).

Frequently asked questions

Travel tickets – for which the period of validity is not indicated at the time of purchase, do not have an expiry date, but must be validated the first time they are used on the route and in the section for which they were issued. (those with bands are valid on several routes)

Children under one meter in height, accompanied by an adult, travel for free as long as they do not occupy seats and in any case within the limit of one child for each adult. When a traveler has several children under one meter tall with him, in addition to his travel document, he must validate one ticket for every two children; non-paying children are not entitled to occupy seats and must be kept on your lap.

At the Brescia counter and ticket office and via the Arriva my Pay App, you can purchase all available travel tickets by paying by credit card or debit card. The retailers of Arriva travel tickets are not obliged to accept payment via pos.

Travel tickets subject to validation (single journey, weekly passes) must be validated as soon as you get on board; in case of malfunction of the validator, the traveler is required to immediately notify the driver by presenting the travel document at the same time.

Travelers are required to show the travel document at each check carried out by the staff. If you are not in possession of the document or if the latter is irregular, travelers will incur the payment of an administrative penalty determined in accordance with the current provisions of the law.

The company reserves the right to bring any legal action against travelers in possession of altered or inauthentic travel documents.

For more information visit the sanctions page here.