Bus terminal - Arriva Italia - Brescia
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Brescia bus terminal (Via Solferino)

All you need to access the bus terminal

The bus terminal has been revised as a “passing terminal” with three internal sectors each one with a lane where the buses can stop. Two sectors are dedicated exclusively to departures and one to arrivals.
Each sector is delimited by dedicated sidewalks and pedestrian paths, with the aim of better regulating the movement of buses and passengers.
Travelers can access and move around the terminal using the appropriate pedestrian paths, respecting the signs present as well as the instructions of the staff. Furthermore, it is possible to stop in the internal waiting room, where ticket office and monitors are available to check the departure situation.
Bus terminal rules (ITA)

Helth rules to access the terminal

Discover all the details

Remember to follow the Covid-19 Regulation in order to access the bus station:

  • Do not use the service in case of flu symptoms and / or body temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C.
  • Wear the mask to access the interior
  • Sanitize your hands with alcoholic gel before and after counter operations
  • Respect the spacing of at least one meter

Bus terminal ticket office

Info and times

The bus terminal ticket office is open from 6.00 to 18.30, monday to saturday.  

Departures and arrivals

The internal sectors are named and classified as:
• SECTOR A – DEPARTURES; with n. 8 stop spaces from A1 to A8; external arch of the terminal
• SECTOR B – DEPARTURES; with n. 6 stopping spaces from B1 – B6; central arch of the terminal;
• SECTOR C – ARRIVALS; with n. 5 stopping spaces; internal arch of the terminal.
Each sector is delimited and equipped with dedicated sidewalks and pedestrian paths, with the aim of better regulating the movement of buses and passengers.

The departures areas are all accessible from pedestrian areas that cross the bus entry and exit entrances longitudinally and connect the terminal with the railway station and MetroBS. In the bus maneuvering area, anytransit not authorized by the Bus Station Management is forbiddeninside the terminal.

Near the pedestrian accesses there are information totems that provide visual information to direct passengers to the departures areas and access the services inside the Terminal and the surrounding area.

The departure sectors are identifiable by vertical signs in each stop area, the tables on display provide an indication of the lines, services, destinations and operators with each stop area of ​​the departures sectors.

Waiting room

The monitors in the waiting room and at the two main accesses provide real-time information on scheduled departures.
Inside the Terminal, in various points, the graphic map is displayed and distributed at the internal ticket office.

The stop areas, dedicated to departures, are easily recognizable thanks to the special horizontal and vertical signs.

The delimitation of sidewalks and / or pedestrian rest areas is marked by the yellow line drawn on the ground that passengers must not cross during the waiting periods before boarding the bus.
Similarly, stop areas and pedestrian sidewalks are well defined for bus rides arriving at the Terminal.

Tariffs for usage

A lot of buses use the terminal, and many companies transit through it. Access to the bus terminal and usage by companies implies the payment of a specific fee, differentiated as specified below, to ensure coverage of the costs of assignment and management of the facility.